Why you need Instacram



High quality programme designed by teachers trained by the Ministry of Education in Singapore, including language skills, organised content and global affairs analyses.



24/7 personal learning dashboard for learners to access help throughout the day, whereever they are.



More content and excellent quality at less than half the price of conventional tuition.



Learners choose their own topics of interest to excel in and learn at a pace comfortable to them.

Experience it like a scholar

Experience how we have reinvented humanities learning.


“Really refreshing compared to traditional tuition centres. Content is great. The step-by-step format of the notes helps students to structure their essays well!”

- Ex-Anderson JC student, accepted into NTU

“Certainly enjoyed using Instacram! Stock notes are really insightful and useful. The lessons were organised in a clear manner which I could easily access and direct myself to what I wish to focus on.”

- Ex-Anderson JC student, accepted into NUS

“Brilliant way for students to learn, especially those who have such busy extra-curricular schedules. It delivers the same quality as traditional tuition at a lower cost and my child can get MOE-quality help any time.”

- Parent of ex-Raffles Institution student, accepted into the University of Warwick

“For someone who worried a lot about my GP grades in J1, I found that Instacram’s weekly news and detailed notes helped in developing focus. Consultations also clarified doubts. The programme really helps one to ace GP!”

Ex-Catholic JC student, accepted into SMU

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